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Viscira® Releases 2015 Demo Reel for Life Sciences Clients

Viscira, a leading provider of interactive, new-media communication solutions and software products for the life sciences industry, has released its 2015 video demo reel with a different twist. Whereas past reels have highlighted snippets of Viscira’s cutting-edge work for life sciences clients, this new, one-minute video resembles more of a unique short film.

The piece creatively tells the Viscira story, focusing on how each of its functional teams collaborates to help clients reach their target audiences, and ultimately help patients, through a range of industry-leading digital solutions. The video is set in the future and helps to illustrate how Viscira is continually pushing the boundaries of innovation. It also provides an interesting, behind-the-scenes view of how Viscira teams work together to create highly engaging and impactful technology solutions for life science clients.

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“We work with leading companies who bring novel therapies to market that help improve and extend the lives of patients around the world,” explained Dave Gulezian, President & CEO of Viscira. “At Viscira, we also continually innovate by leveraging technology to help these companies communicate important messages in new and unique ways.”

Rather than focusing solely on existing product solutions, the video looks forward and shows the types of solutions Viscira may be able to develop for its clients in the future. Marlon McKenney, Associate Director - Motion Graphics and Creative Lead on the program, commented, “I’m very proud of how the final video turned out. I think the piece does a great job of showcasing Viscira’s creative talent and how our teams collaborate effectively on behalf of clients.”

The 2015 demo reel has been released to existing and prospective Viscira clients and has received rave reviews, with many referring to it as an impressive depiction of the company’s capabilities and team culture.

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Viscira® Announces Expansion of Regional Office in Chicago

 Viscira, a leading provider of interactive, new-media communication solutions and software products for the life sciences industry, today announced the expansion of its satellite office in Chicago.

Michael Ryan, Director - Account Management, recently relocated to Chicago to enhance the company’s physical presence and spearhead client service efforts in the Midwest region. This expansion will help the company better serve key life science clients in the area including AbbVie, Baxter, Takeda, Astellas and Lilly.

Ryan is excited about the opportunity to continue Viscira’s strong growth in this part of the country. “I am very pleased to have this opportunity to lead Viscira’s client services function in the Midwest,” explained Ryan. “I’m confident that we will expand our existing business with our top-tier clients in the area, and attract new clients with our unique and sophisticated digital solutions.”

Overall, this expansion in Chicago will allow Viscira to better serve the growing business needs of both existing clients and several recent client additions. The move will also help support the strong topline revenue growth for the company overall.

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Viscira® Delivers Record Business Results in 2014

Viscira, a leading provider of interactive, new-media communication solutions and software products for the life sciences industry, continued its stellar business performance in 2014. The company realized just over a 40% increase in gross revenue for FY 2014 as compared to FY 2013. Booked revenue grew by almost 50% over this same period.

This impressive growth was driven by the expansion of the company’s business volume with existing top-tier clients including Bristol-Myers Squibb, AbbVie, Janssen and Lilly. During 2014, Viscira also added several major new clients including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Alexion, and Clovis Oncology. The company’s involvement with these clients included work on several pending new product launches.

Overall, the company continues to expand its roster of leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device customers, and has achieved solid penetration across major brands and therapeutic areas. Since 2011, Viscira has worked with 17 of the world’s top 25 pharmaceutical companies and has served over 135 unique brands.

With the opening of an office in London in 2014, Viscira has also expanded its global footprint and strengthened its local presence in the EU. These sales and marketing efforts have paid off, with revenue from global clients increasing by 42% for 2014 as compared to 2013.

“We are very pleased that we have been able to continue our business momentum with strong business results in 2014,” explains Dave Gulezian, President & CEO of Viscira. “Our success is driven by the talent, innovation and dedication of our diverse team. We look forward to our continued growth and evolution as a company in 2015 and beyond.”

Viscira has seen sales growth across their portfolio of products—from key software applications to digital multi-channel solutions like 3D animation. The company has also been effective in garnering digital agency of record status for an increasing numbers of brands, including brands within the oncology and rare disease areas.

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Viscira® Announces Version 4.0 of its Prospero™ Online Speaker Portal

Viscira, a leading provider of interactive, new-media communication solutions and software products for the life sciences industry, today announced the release of Version 4.0 of its Prospero™ Online Speaker Portal (OSP) for life science clients. This industry-leading, secure, web-based software platform serves as a robust communication hub for pharmaceutical product speakers, allowing them to easily access all the resources and tools needed to make their peer-to-peer, educational presentations effective and engaging.

A key component of Prospero is Viscira’s Interactive Presentation Builder tool, which provides users with the ability to create and save custom presentations, subject to medical and regulatory restrictions, through an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

Some of the key features included within the upgraded application are summarized below:

  • Improved speed and performance, including faster login, downloading and presentation of content, and building and saving of custom speakers presentations
  • A new, updated user interface which further simplifies the display of information and enables users to find the content they are seeking even more quickly
  • An innovative, shortcut feature called QuickDeck™ that allows speakers to create and save a custom presentation in three easy steps
  • Improved help features and context-based instructional tips throughout the site
  • Enhanced mobile options for tablet users on devices like the iPad, including the ability to easily save their presentations to their Microsoft OneDrive accounts


Additionally, the Prospero™ OSP includes unique social networking capabilities that promote communication and collaboration between users, enabling clients to build a stronger community of quality speakers for a product and deepen relationships with physician opinion leaders.


“We are excited to further expand the capabilities of our Prospero Online Speaker Portal solution for our customers,” explains Nat Fast, Vice President - Software Development of Viscira. “Our OSP is a highly flexible, expandable platform that we will continue to enhance to meet evolving client needs. This new release of Prospero truly capitalizes on our extensive experience in this area with major speaker bureaus across the industry.”

Customer adoption of Prospero continues to be strong as the user base has grown 183% over the last two years. The platform can be completely customized to meet companies’ specific workflow needs and business requirements on an enterprise-wide, therapeutic area or single product basis. To schedule a demonstration, please contact the company at 415-848-8010 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Prospero Online Speaker Portal is just one of many new-media solutions and software products the company offers, which range from Viscira’s 3D mechanism-of-action (MOA) animations to interactive medical case study programs to high-impact sales and educational applications for the iPad.

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