Viscira® Maintains Highest Level of Veeva Systems Multichannel Partner Certification

Viscira, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions and software products for the life sciences industry, is pleased to announce its latest certification as a Level 4 Multichannel Content Agency by Veeva Systems, a leader of cloud solutions for the life sciences industry. Level 4 is the highest level of certification offered by Veeva in this category, making Viscira one of only a small number of companies worldwide to hold this status. This recognition confirms the company’s proficiency across all Veeva CRM multichannel products, including Veeva CLM, Approved Email, the Engage Product Family, and MyInsights.

To date, Viscira has been working with Veeva for over five years and has delivered hundreds of Veeva-related programs and key messages for major life science clients across the industry. Viscira’s partnership with Veeva goes beyond just general content deployment and includes the use of many advanced Veeva platform features, such as deeper analytics and clickstream reporting, integration of approved email and surveys into CLM multichannel slides, and localization-ready key messages.

“We are proud of our team for maintaining our elevated certification status with Veeva and continually deepening our expertise with the platform,” said Dave Gulezian, President and CEO of Viscira. “Since the beginning of our partnership with Veeva, we have been committed to bringing advanced features and richer user experiences to the Veeva environment for our clients.”

Viscira’s certification further demonstrates its commitment to support life sciences companies with digital solutions that enhance their relationships with HCPs. One example of this is Viscira’s vDetail solution, an interactive selling tool designed for use with Veeva CLM. The vDetail solution cohesively integrates rich, immersive content and unique interactivity into Veeva CLM. These dynamic content modules include high-fidelity 3D animations, broadcast-quality video, interactive case builders, and special gaming components. Additionally, Viscira has the capability to provide engaging virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences through the Veeva platform.

The company is committed to continuing to enhance and expand its digital solutions that utilize Veeva’s multichannel suite of products.

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