Innovation Nation: Viscira® Digital Tour

Viscira, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions and software products for the life sciences industry, will kick off its second annual Digital Innovation Roadshow this month, titled Innovation Nation. Viscira plans to build on its success in 2017, when its roadshow presentations helped educate life sciences marketing, medical affairs, HEOR, commercial operations, and IT teams about some of the latest technology trends, platforms, and applications.

Last year, Viscira’s New Product Development Team traveled to 15 cities across the U.S., from Los Angeles to Boston and from Atlanta to New York, to showcase emerging digital technology solutions that could impact key business challenges facing life sciences companies. Ten leading life sciences companies were visited in total. The company intends to grow this list further in 2018.

“Viscira aims to expand the general awareness and understanding of innovative digital technologies that can enhance customer engagement models within life sciences marketing and education,” explained Jeff Asada, Vice President of Business Development at Viscira. “Viscira’s Innovation Nation is a creative way to bring the latest technologies to our clients by holding a series of on-site interactive sessions, demos, and discussions through our Educate, Experience, and Apply framework.”

The 2018 Innovation Nation is a strategic, user-centered approach to address some of the major challenges facing life sciences companies. At its core, Innovation Nation is a collaboration between Viscira and its life sciences clients to define new content delivery mediums and to help gain greater insights into how to more effectively apply cutting-edge, message-enhancing technologies in different user experience scenarios.

“As just one example, leveraging our successful Educate, Experience, and Apply framework, Viscira introduced a new training model that featured augmented reality (AR) and the Microsoft HoloLens device as the ideal training platform for advancing commercial selling efforts and sales training activities for a top-five pharmaceutical company. The initiative was the company’s first implementation of AR in an enterprise-wide capacity,” explained Rodwin Pabello, Viscira’s Director of New Product Development.

Viscira launches its 20-city tour this month and is excited to share new insights. For more information on Viscira’s Innovation Nation, please contact the company at (415) 848-8010 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Planned Viscira 2018 Digital Innovation Roadshow Locations
San Francisco, CA
Gaithersburg, MD
San Jose, CA
Minneapolis, MN
San Diego, CA
Raleigh, NC
Los Angeles, CA
East Hanover, NJ
New Haven, CT
Princeton, NJ
Atlanta, GA
Summit, NJ
Chicago, IL
New York, NY
Indianapolis, IN
Cincinnati, OH
Boston, MA
Dallas, TX
Cambridge, MA
Seattle, WA

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