Sudler & Hennessey Group Acquires Viscira

Sudler & Hennessey Group, a leading global healthcare communications network, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Viscira, a leader in digital marketing and cutting-edge media in the healthcare space. Viscira develops visually-stunning, interactive solutions that provide unique, differentiated, and compelling communication delivery for the life sciences industry. These solutions help deliver healthcare information in very personal and immersive ways, and have a meaningful impact on the future of healthcare communication, education, and actual medical practice.

Through this transaction, Viscira brings deep technology expertise and transformative digital solutions to Sudler. When integrated with Sudler's full-service promotional and educational capabilities, strategic depth, and global reach, the combination provides clients with a uniquely creative and powerful healthcare communication offering. Viscira also gives the Sudler Group a strong geographic presence on the west coast of the US. Viscira has an established blue chip client base and serves 17 of the world's top 25 pharmaceutical companies comprising over 135 unique brands.

 "The addition of Viscira's cutting-edge expertise takes communications to a new level by adding virtual reality, highly acclaimed 3-D animation technology, gaming, and interactive digital applications. It provides the platform to visually combine science and creative beautifully, and to deliver content to all of our customers in extremely engaging ways," stated Louisa Holland, Co-CEO the Americas.

 With headquarters in San Francisco, and offices in New York and London, Viscira expects the Sudler partnership to accelerate future growth both domestically and globally. Sudler's expertise in brand strategy, product messaging, and medical content development will provide additional depth to Viscira in these areas.

 "We are very excited to become part of the Sudler & Hennessey Group and the broader WPP family. While Viscira has been a very successful independent company, this collaboration will enable us to speed our growth and provide a unique value proposition to life science clients," stated Dave Gulezian, CEO of Viscira. Gulezian added, "After starting in a small office with just a few people, this transaction also marks a significant milestone for the company as a result of the commitment and hard work of our employees over the years."

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