Viscira® Releases 2015 Demo Reel for Life Sciences Clients

Viscira, a leading provider of interactive, new-media communication solutions and software products for the life sciences industry, has released its 2015 video demo reel with a different twist. Whereas past reels have highlighted snippets of Viscira’s cutting-edge work for life sciences clients, this new, one-minute video resembles more of a unique short film.

The piece creatively tells the Viscira story, focusing on how each of its functional teams collaborates to help clients reach their target audiences, and ultimately help patients, through a range of industry-leading digital solutions. The video is set in the future and helps to illustrate how Viscira is continually pushing the boundaries of innovation. It also provides an interesting, behind-the-scenes view of how Viscira teams work together to create highly engaging and impactful technology solutions for life science clients.

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“We work with leading companies who bring novel therapies to market that help improve and extend the lives of patients around the world,” explained Dave Gulezian, President & CEO of Viscira. “At Viscira, we also continually innovate by leveraging technology to help these companies communicate important messages in new and unique ways.”

Rather than focusing solely on existing product solutions, the video looks forward and shows the types of solutions Viscira may be able to develop for its clients in the future. Marlon McKenney, Associate Director - Motion Graphics and Creative Lead on the program, commented, “I’m very proud of how the final video turned out. I think the piece does a great job of showcasing Viscira’s creative talent and how our teams collaborate effectively on behalf of clients.”

The 2015 demo reel has been released to existing and prospective Viscira clients and has received rave reviews, with many referring to it as an impressive depiction of the company’s capabilities and team culture.

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