Viscira® Uses Parallax Scrolling to Design Stunning Websites for Life Science Companies

From Sony to Nike, big consumer brands are bringing their websites to life with parallax design and scrolling. Moving away from more traditional website approaches, companies are using this technology to make even the simplest designs more impactful and engaging.

Parallax, a method of creating a visual effect in which an image that is closer seems to be moving at a different speed than an image that is farther away, is typically achieved through image layering, thereby creating a sensation of depth and dimension. Because it offers enhanced content delivery and stronger engagement for viewers, parallax has become one of the hottest web design trends. Healthcare marketers have also recognized its ability to improve the effectiveness of their information presentation, increase the visual impact of medical content and help their brand stand out in a highly competitive market.

Viscira, a leading provider of interactive, new-media communication solutions and software products for the life sciences industry, is utilizing this web design technique to create stunning graphics that entice the user to scroll through a site to further engage with the images and content. This includes immersing the user in unique 3D environments that might represent a cell surface or complete cellular microenvironment.

“Parallax is a designer’s dream and one that is perfect for healthcare marketing, as it lends itself to an engaging and immersive brand experience versus the static, flat nature of a more traditional information hub. It is a wonderful motion design effect that delivers dynamic storytelling information via the viewer's mouse scroll wheel or tablet finger swipe,” explained Rodwin Pabello, Viscira’s Director of Visual and Interaction Design. “At Viscira, we always want to stay at the forefront of the latest design techniques.”

As a company, Viscira is passionate about design and is committed to using state-of -the-art approaches like parallax to provide immersive and engaging digital experiences for end users. To schedule a demonstration of a parallax scrolling website designed by Viscira and view other dynamic interactive solutions, please contact the company at 415-848-8010 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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