Digital Marketing Innovation - Viscira® Creates Dynamic 3D Environments with Real-Time Animation for Life Science Companies

Real-time animation, a technique that gives users the ability to interact with the CG world and control their viewing experience, is a mainstay technology in the gaming universe. It is also one that has caught on in the film industry as a cost-effective and time-efficient way to pre-visualize films on set, before starting any post-production work. However, beyond these areas, real-time animation also has promise in the medical field, where Viscira is finding ways to use this technology to move beyond traditional delivery of animated scientific content.

Viscira, a leading provider of interactive, new-media communication solutions and software products for the life sciences industry, is capitalizing on the advantages of using real-time animation by developing 3D solutions that add another level of engagement with an intuitive approach. The company is effectively using real-time animation to create programs that enable healthcare professionals or patients to control their viewing experience and engage with the CG world at a molecular and cellular level. This provides a much more interactive experience as compared to a traditional, straight-play animation video where the viewing experience is more passive.

Dr. Anthony Padula, a local Bay Area rheumatologist, sees real-time animation as a great way to help advance scientific visualization. “The Viscira solutions I have reviewed effectively create 3D environments that take animation to the next level by allowing the user to be fully immersed and interact with the 3D world to better understand what is taking place from a scientific perspective.” Padula added, “I think these solutions have the potential to increase the overall engagement level and educational impact of these programs within the medical community.”

Viscira is developing real-time animation solutions on tablet devices, such as the Apple® iPad™ with its built-in camera and gyroscope, which allow the user to pan around and control their own viewing experience. In addition, the company is also exploring ways to incorporate the Oculus Rift to create real-time animation solutions that would have application as group learning experiences in a classroom setting or at a medical congress meeting.

Hagop (Kane) Kaneboughazian, Vice President of Animation at Viscira, commented on the company’s use of real-time animation for developing innovative digital solutions for its clients. “We always look for ways to incorporate the latest technology from other industries to change the way we deliver healthcare information for our clients. Our ongoing focus on implementing enhanced experiences, like real-time animation, enables us to continue to provide unique and differentiated products for our industry.”

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