Got Game? Growth in Interactive Gaming Impacts Pharmaceutical Marketing

Whether at home or on the road, playing interactive games has become an increasingly popular way to entertain, pass the time, and engage with friends. With stunning video, 2D and 3D animation, and special effects, these games have also grown increasingly sophisticated and impactful.

According to a new market report issued by Transparency Market Research entitled, “Gaming Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Growth, Share and Forecast 2011 - 2015”, the global gaming market was valued at $70.5 billion in 2011. This market is expected to grow over 15% per year and reach a hefty $117.9 billion in 2015.

Overall, the video game industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the entertainment industry in the United States with the greatest growth likely to come in mobile gaming. A Gartner report called “Market Trends: Gaming Ecosystem, 2011” predicts that mobile gaming will experience the largest growth as compared to other gaming sectors, with its relative market share expected to grow from 15% in 2010 to 20% in 2015.

The desire to have the exciting world of interactive entertainment at your fingertips has helped fuel the growth of major market players like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, as well as new mobile gaming companies like Zynga.

Interestingly, the life sciences industry is also taking advantage of this major trend in the increased use and adoption of interactive games. Today, pharma marketers are more aggressively integrating interactive games into their marketing and sales programs. As a result, these programs are becoming much more sophisticated, engaging and interconnected, while increasing in educational value.

Viscira, a leading provider of interactive, new-media and technology solutions for the life sciences industry, is seeing a growing demand for more sophisticated gaming elements in its clients’ digital marketing programs.

Dave Gulezian, President & CEO of Viscira, commented on the increase in demand among its clients for such tools. “Our clients are continually looking for new and innovative ways to communicate their key product marketing and educational messages. When well executed, interactive gaming modules provide ways to both educate and entertain to increase the overall impact of a particular initiative.”

As just one recent example, Viscira successfully integrated real-time 3D gaming software into an interactive iPad-based sales tool for a top-five pharma client. This gaming technology leverages the iPad’s built-in gyroscope, and allows the users to control their viewing perspective in a fully immersive 3D cellular environment -- all just by holding and moving the iPad in space.

“We are constantly looking for new opportunities to integrate unique gaming capabilities into the solutions we offer clients to further enhance their effectiveness,” said Gulezian. “Given the time demands and entertainment expectations of both patients and healthcare professionals, we expect the interest in this area to continue to grow.”

With its creative design skills, 3D animation and video expertise, and software programming capabilities, Viscira is uniquely positioned to deliver sophisticated gaming modules for its clients, including applications for various mobile devices like the iPad, smart phones and other tablet devices.

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