Viscira™ Delivers Innovative Mobile Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry

The delivery of branded product information and unbranded educational content to health care professionals (HCPs) and patients via mobile channels has become more pervasive. The industry is seeing impressive rates of user adoption with more and more companies committing to mobile deployments. Viscira, a leading provider of interactive and new-media solutions for the life sciences industry, is helping leading pharma and biotech clients capitalize on this trend to deliver key information to their target audiences in innovative ways via mobile devices.

Pharmaceutical companies continue to face an ongoing challenge of increasingly limited access to physicians and other HCPs. The traditional sales model of sending reps to physicians’ offices is shifting, as physicians have less time for face-to-face meetings or are restricted from these meetings entirely.

At the same time, a large and growing number of physicians are using smartphones and other mobile devices to access medical information online via the mobile web. According to Manhattan Research, 72% of US physicians currently own a smartphone, with this figure expected to grow to 81% by 2012.

Mobile applications can more seamlessly fit into the fast-moving work life of today’s physicians, who are increasingly expected to treat more patients in less time, while handling a burgeoning amount of administrative duties. A recent study by Manhattan Research shows that accessing clinical or medical information is one of the top three most-used mobile medical functions for physicians, accounting for 41% of their mobile usage.

Physicians are taking advantage of a number of the benefits of using mobile devices. Dr. Vivek Bhalla, a leading, board-certified nephrologist practicing at the Stanford University Medical Center in California, commented about the advantages of using his mobile device as a practicing physician. “My smartphone really helps me to stay on top of the constant medical advances in nephrology, even when I have short breaks during my work day or during my off hours. It has really become an indispensable tool for my overall practice.”

Viscira is fully leveraging its interactive capabilities, industry knowledge, creative design skills, and software development expertise to develop a wide array of mobile applications such as product dosing calculators and tools, enhanced presentation delivery platforms, interactive sales aids for the field, and disease management and medication adherence tools for patients. Viscira’s mobile applications for the life sciences industry are designed and developed to ensure compatibility with the leading mobile devices in the industry including the Apple™ iPhone™ and iPad™, the Motorola Droid™ and other devices running Google's Android™ mobile operating system, and RIM's BlackBerry™ devices.

Viscira’s strong mobile capabilities are not just limited to the development of mobile applications. The company can also optimize almost all of its web-based solutions for mobile delivery including product and disease education websites, 3D animations, enhanced KOL videos, interactive case studies, and patient videos.

“We recognize how important the mobile channel is in helping our life science clients reach their target audiences anytime, anywhere with important, relevant, and timely medical information,” explains Dave Gulezian, President & CEO of Viscira. “As a company, we are committed to the continued development of innovative mobile applications and other mobile solutions that can capitalize on this expanding and evolving medium. Mobile has become an essential part of a cohesive multi-channel marketing approach.”

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