Case Studies

An Integrated Digital Strategy: Multi-Channel Healthcare Professional Education Campaign for Dendreon


Increase awareness about PROVENGE® (sipuleucel-T) for metastatic, castrate-resistant prostate cancer as an important treatment option which utilizes the patient’s own immune system and extends survival.


Communicate the clinical value and efficacy of PROVENGE to healthcare professionals, including oncologists, hematologists, and urologists.

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Disease Education Interactive Sales Aid Application for a Top-Five Pharmaceutical Company

Viscira was challenged to develop an innovative selling tool that the client’s field sales force could use to educate oncology HCPs about the histological characteristics of an aggressive type of breast cancer and the HER2 biomarker. The client wanted the app to address a common knowledge gap in the interpretation of diagnostic findings and to allow the sales force to “bring to life” key educational and marketing messages in a highly visual and convincing way.


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Mobile iPad™ Product Education Application for Onyx Pharmaceuticals



Viscira was challenged to develop an innovative tool to be used by the Onyx Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Team to educate hematology health care professionals (HCPs) about the use of Onyx’s pipeline molecule, carfilzomib—a selective, next-generation proteasome inhibitor, as a potential new treatment option for multiple myeloma. The tool needed to not only facilitate dialogue and exchange in a novel way between the Onyx MSLs and target HCPs, but it also needed to provide the kind of flexibility that allows for effective interactions even in time-constrained settings.


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EyeMac Tradeshow Booth Solution for Genentech

Viscira was challenged to create a tradeshow booth solution with the following program goals and objectives:

  • Create a sophisticated virtual simulation for wet, age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD) allowing ophthalmologists to experience having the disease
  • Assist HCPs in developing more empathy and understanding for patients living with the condition
  • Encourage physicians to treat more aggressively and consistently, as appropriate, to yield better patient outcomes
  • Help attract attention to the Genentech booth and drive audience traffic
  • Provide quality opportunities within the booth environment for sales reps to interact with target HCPs

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