Augmented Reality (AR) Salesforce Training

Viscira was charged with creating an innovative digital learning solution to elevate Actelion’s internal salesforce Phase II training from “memorizing to meaningful.” The training program was required to incorporate disease education curriculum on PAH* that included the effects of PAH on the heart and lungs and PAH drug classifications. The training solution also needed to deepen the learner’s empathy and understanding of the patient journey for those suffering with PAH.

This unique augmented reality (AR) learning program was created for new sales representatives at Actelion who are participating in the initial training/onboarding process. Most of this audience was expected to have minimal previous knowledge of PAH or the pathophysiology of the disease. The previous curriculum comprised highly scientific, written material that learners were required to read and try to memorize.

Actelion wanted to take a new, fresh approach to training that would increase learning effectiveness. By integrating immersive technology based on AR into the curriculum, Viscira brought more contextually relevant information to help the new sales representatives gain a much better understanding of the disease and the core data versus simply memorizing the material.

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