Six Tips for More Effective iPad Product Promotion and Education

Since the launch of the Apple iPad on April 3, 2010, more than 100 million units have been sold, and Apple expects that number to double in 2013. Not unlike the iPhone, physicians are among the biggest adopters of the iPad, which has helped lead to the device becoming a key part of a pharma sales rep’s toolkit.

A 2012 Manhattan Research report confirmed that 65% of “ePharma” docs who met face-to-face with pharma salespeople used an iPad, representing an increase from 30% in 2011. Additionally, a recent report conducted by MD Mindset titled iPad Use and Effectiveness: 2012 Syndicated Data Report, showed that doctors prefer the iPad predominantly as the visual aid of choice in sales presentations.

Given the growing use of the iPad and other tablets by pharma reps and the need for doctors to have better tools to assimilate important information, we thought we would share some helpful tips for maximizing the effectiveness of these devices for product promotion and education. Where appropriate, we have included some specific examples to help illustrate some of our recommendations.

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