Viscira's Online Speaker Portal (OSP) is a secure, robust platform providing speakers with a single location to obtain presentation slides—via Viscira's Interactive Presentation Builder (IPB)—along with live and on-demand speaker training modules, a document library and supporting links. It allows you to build relationships with your speakers using announcements and polls, and lets speakers reach out to each other through connections and discussion thread functions. The OSP features can be further customized to meet your specific brand or business unit needs.

Viscira's development team has significant experience creating applications for various mobile devices including smart phones, PDAs, iPad and other tablets. Many of Viscira's solutions, including 3D animations, interactive sales aids, and KOL video programs, can be reformatted for optimal delivery via mobile devices. Viscira can also build custom mobile applications to meet specific customer needs.

Viscira's Sales Hub Platform (iHUB) provides your sales force with a central informational resource to help them succeed in the field. Use iHUB to push key messaging out to representatives—including market education, product and competitive information, RSS feeds, news updates—pull key insights from the field, and incorporate downloadable resources, training content, online contests and quizzes. iHUB enhances team building and cross-fertilization of ideas and best practices between representatives through customizable social networking features, allowing you to maximize and extend POA meeting content through the year.

The Digital Education Platform (DEP) is a solution that arms medical and scientific affairs teams with highly engaging and dynamic multi-media presentation content. This solution helps to enhance scientific exchange and clinically relevant dialogue with targeted practitioners. In addition, the DEP serves as a functional repository for all relevant medical and scientific information (e.g. pipeline information, clinical studies/data, slide decks, posters, etc.). The DEP can be deployed for both laptop/PC and tablet (iPad) use.

An iPad app is most valuable if it can be installed in a simple, user-friendly way. Viscira’s CMS is a secure application delivery and management platform. It provides one central location to store your organization’s apps and allows you to easily push apps out to specific users—whether they are field sales teams, speakers, or patients. Users simply download apps wirelessly from a secure, password-protected site, and the apps are automatically installed on their iPads. An automated syncing capability enables app content to be continuously updated and refreshed as needed.

Viscira's cinematic animation videos engage, entertain, and most importantly, educate the viewer through a visually appealing storytelling approach that is clinically sophisticated in nature. Utilizing the latest animation production technologies, Viscira is advancing the industry standard to which scientific animations are deployed. Viscira can effectively execute all aspects of an animation production, from script development to 3D modeling to sophisticated animation sequences to Hollywood special effects.

Viscira's Interactive Presentation Builder (IPB) application incorporates a user-friendly, drag-and-drop tool that allows users to select specific slides to later export in PowerPoint, PDF, Flash or HTML5 format. Business logic is built into the application to meet our clients' specific compliance requirements. As an added feature, Viscira can include tracking functionality to analyze downloaded files and the most popular slides. The IPB platform can be deployed on the web and as a local stand-alone app on the desktop or iPad.