Case Studies

Augmented Reality (AR) Salesforce Training

Viscira was charged with creating an innovative digital learning solution to elevate Actelion’s internal salesforce Phase II training from “memorizing to meaningful.” The training program was required to incorporate disease education curriculum on PAH* that included the effects of PAH on the heart and lungs and PAH drug classifications. The training solution also needed to deepen the learner’s empathy and understanding of the patient journey for those suffering with PAH.

This unique augmented reality (AR) learning program was created for new sales representatives at Actelion who are participating in the initial training/onboarding process. Most of this audience was expected to have minimal previous knowledge of PAH or the pathophysiology of the disease. The previous curriculum comprised highly scientific, written material that learners were required to read and try to memorize.

Actelion wanted to take a new, fresh approach to training that would increase learning effectiveness. By integrating immersive technology based on AR into the curriculum, Viscira brought more contextually relevant information to help the new sales representatives gain a much better understanding of the disease and the core data versus simply memorizing the material.

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Disease Education Website for Agios Pharmaceuticals

In conjunction with Agios’ unbranded disease education campaign, focused on helping healthcare professionals to identify isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) mutations in patients, Viscira was challenged to redesign and relaunch the Agios disease education website known as

The goals of the disease education campaign were as follows:

  1. To raise awareness among healthcare professionals of the relevance of IDH mutations in patients with hematologic malignancies and solid tumors, with a specific focus on patients diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML).
  2. To motivate healthcare professionals to test their patients for IDH mutations and to help them find an appropriate clinical trial.

In addition to the above goals, the specific goal related to the website relaunch was to:

  1. Identify the most effective user experience to begin to position as the go-to disease education site for IDH in AML and solid tumors in a rapidly evolving therapeutic space.

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Virtual Reality Congress Solution for AbbVie

Viscira developed an innovative interactive virtual reality program utilizing live-action video, unique cinematography, 3D animation, and modern graphic design using the Samsung Gear.

The Humira VR Program also offers the ability to look around and explore a full 360-dregree immersive view of each environment, as patients recount their personal stories and journeys with their conditions.

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Interactive Patient Case Study Builder for Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Erwinaze® (aaraginase Erwinia chrysanthemi) is part of a chemotherapy program to treat patients who have acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a type of blood cancer affecting the white blood cells that help fight infection. Erwinaze is used in patients who have had an allergic reaction to a different type of asparaginase treatment.

As with other leading oncology brands, peer-to-peer communication serves as a very important mechanism for Jazz Pharmaceuticals to help inform and educate oncology healthcare professionals (HCPs) about the use of Erwinaze in their practices. However, it is critical for the KOL promotional speakers facilitating these programs to find creative and dynamic ways to engage with their peers beyond a traditional slide deck presentation.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals challenged Viscira to develop an innovative and informative tool for their Erwinaze promotional speakers to use in a peer-to-peer setting with target oncology HCPs to engage the audience and help facilitate discussion. The client wanted the tool to allow speakers to interact with their audiences in a dynamic way to promote collaboration and idea exchange during the sessions.

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