Based in San Francisco, Viscira hires the best and the brightest engineers from the Silicon Valley and SF Bay Area. Our software development teams have deep technical expertise and have built a variety of apps and digital solutions, from interactive touchscreen programs to rich internet applications to mobile iPad apps.

Our dynamic applications offer rich and engaging user experiences that help to improve user satisfaction and increase productivity.

Our mobile, web, and interactive development teams are intimately familiar with the software development life cycle and can plan, architect, code, test, and deploy in rapid, iterative development cycles.

When it comes to developing applications for the iPad, we are equally comfortable developing stand-alone apps that run through Apple’s App Store or integrating our clients' apps into a variety of third-party CRM, CLM and CMS platforms, such as Veeva iRep, Salesforce, ScrollMotion, and Skura. We can also fully utilize our own Viscira mobile vDetail CLM/CRM platform. Let us know how we can help build your app.

Viscira's team of expert medical writers is committed to maintaining scientific integrity, clinical accuracy, and the highest level of quality in the content we develop.

Our staff of medical writers has deep subject-matter expertise across a wide range of therapeutic areas and disease states.

Our clients appreciate our ability to write marketing and medical copy that is factual, credible, and supportable. In addition, we help our clients stay on strategy as we deliver their key marketing messages and medical communications.

Viscira’s editorial QA process ensures compliance with medical writing standards, including highly accurate referencing of content.

Viscira offers the same in-house capabilities as a Hollywood production studio, which helps our clients create state-of-the-art video programs. Our motion graphics team hails from major Hollywood studios, where they gained technical expertise in cutting-edge CGI and special effects.

We are comfortable creating digital video assets that can use various play-back formats and be deployed across a range of media types—from high-res TVs to 100-inch plasmas to interactive kiosks to the Web, CDs, and even USB flash drives.

Video clips can play in one continuous loop or can be segmented into shorter scenes or chapters so that users can digest smaller snippets of content, à la YouTube. In fact, we have clients who have launched their corporate YouTube channel using cool and engaging videos created by Viscira. We take that as a nice compliment to the quality of our work.

When it comes to 2D and 3D animations, we are a leader in the industry. Our team of highly skilled computer animators brings unparalleled film quality animation to the pharmaceutical industry, utilizing and at times co-developing the latest tools in 2D and 3D animations.

Our team of 2D animators comes from major Hollywood studios, and our team of 3D animators comes from animation studios such as Pixar, Lucasfilm, ElementFX, and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).

We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art facilities that house the same software tools found at feature animation studios such as Pixar. We have built our own in-house render farm for lightning-fast turnaround on projects. Altogether, our animation capabilities enable us to deliver full 1080p high-def resolution and stereoscopic 3D animations.

We have no shortage of talented designers and artists at Viscira. We are passionate about design, and it shows in the sophistication of our work.

Our Design process typically includes content development, interaction design, visual design, and usability testing. We enjoy close collaboration with our clients as we iterate together and move from initial concepts and design directions to final design comps.

Our design teams cover a broad range of design disciplines and support our unique production capabilities.

For our iPad programs, we design the interaction and visual look and feel. For MOA animations and video programs, we design the titling and labeling of the 3D character models and sequences, and collaborate with the motion graphics team to develop the motion style frames and transitional effects that carry the viewer through our compelling storytelling footage.

We deliver the highest quality solutions, on strategy, on time, on budget, and with a smooth process from start to finish. Our team of experienced Account Managers and Interactive Producers partner closely with you to provide the best service in the business.

We follow a well-defined, disciplined process and utilize communication tools and mechanisms that keep you informed at all times. We believe in proactive and professional communication, maintaining the right balance between flexibility and process. We pay attention to the details and we're very responsive.

Lastly, we listen. We listen to each client's vision, goals, needs and requirements, and we collaborate with our clients to translate their requirements into engaging customer experiences.

In today’s complex and highly scrutinized environment, Viscira stays on top of the continually evolving requirements of OPDP and the FDA. Our team of PhD scientists and writers employs industry-wide best practices to ensure all program content is rigorously substantiated by peer-reviewed, primary literature.

In shepherding programs through all stages of the medical-legal-regulatory review process, we rely on the most current, evidence-based research in the creation of content, and the broad experience of our account and project management team. Content is meticulously referenced, annotated, and packaged for submission in strict adherence to client-specific and American Medical Association guidelines.

Our clients have multi-billion dollar brands and billion dollar products that need to be represented properly across various digital media. Our clients come to us with a need for a smart digital strategy, which we help to define and execute.

We work hard to fully understand our clients' strategic marketing objectives, and then we translate those objectives into the right brand messaging and memorable customer experiences.

It takes the right mix of skills and expertise to deliver against these expectations and achieve superior marketing results. Viscira has built an impressive team of brand and web strategists, PhD-educated medical writers, interaction designers, visual designers, and technical engineers who can design and develop the right interactive experience for the right audience to meet your strategic needs.

As social media becomes a growing trend within the pharmaceutical sector, Viscira is leading the charge to develop unique and relevant programs designed to enhance the social connections between our clients and their customers.

For example, we are proud of the fact that our clients have chosen to launch their YouTube channel with video programs created by Viscira. Our content and our programs tend to be highly engaging and sophisticated, which means they are perfect for viral video campaigns. Many of our products also incorporate innovative social media features.

Our philosophy is to foster a spirit of community by elevating industry dialogue and building bridges between all of the players in the marketplace.